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Julia Mann

Founder of Lash Tribe
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Learn how to create the perfect lash style for your clients. You can achieve stunning Sets of lashes for any type of eye shape that your clients will rave about & pay a premium for.
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What's included?

  • Free Shapes and Styling Lessons Video 
  • Life-Time Access

Advanced Eye Styling

After completion of this course, you will have learnt about the 10 main eye types & how to confidently pick, create and apply  the best suitable styling for the eye shapes and face. 

Client attraction

Being able to offer a personalised service will bring in and maintain more clients as they feel really cared about and looked after. 
You can make someone look amazing with the right set of lashes.
But also bad with the wrong style. 
Meet the instructor

Julia Mann

Julia Mann is a multi-award winning Business Coach & Lash Artist She has been doing lashes since 2010 and started training others in 2016.
She created the first free help group for lashes on FB many years ago, with tens of thousands of members from all over the world.

Julia has been traveling the world, training new and existing lash artists. Julia enjoys teaching all levels of Lash Artists. She looks forward to sharing her love of creating stunning lashes and attract a sea of clients. 
Patrick Jones - Course author